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Gifted and Talented

Gifted learners will . . .

  • listen attentively,  collaborate purposefully and provide, receive, and apply specific, targeted feedback to peers in order to become effective communicators.
  • practice inquiry skills in order to develop higher-leveled, open ended questions by gathering and evaluating a variety of credible and reliable resources to draw conclusions based on data.
  • develop critical and creative thinking skills by generating and evaluating original ideas that lead to deeper understandings and innovative solutions.
  • pose questions to clarify and interpret information, probe for causes and consequences, combine ideas in a variety of ways and from a range of sources to create new possibilities, consider feedback and adjust their thinking, and justify the thinking behind choices they have made.

For more information about the GATES program at Carter Elementary, visit the Gifted & Talented Program website or contact Gifted and Talented Specialist Lisa Degnan.